Welcome to our dental & tourism page!

We are Laura and Mihai Enache, from Top Dental Reizen. Our goal is to facilitate professional dental care at Dental Med- luxury clinic in Bucharest, for affordable prices, while travelling into a fabulous country, Romania.


Laura & Mihai Enache


We live in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, and we are passionate about travel and photography. We like meeting interesting people that can share with us beautiful stories. We lived for 4 and a half years in the Netherlands, near The Hague, during 2001 and 2006. We enjoyed our stay, we made friends and we liked the Dutch who are hard working, straightforward and have a good sense of humour.

Early 2007 we came back to Romania, to be close to our families and to our local friends. Romania was going through a lot of pozitive changes, life was improving and people were optimistic about their future.

In 2012, me and my wife had the feeling that we must start our own business, to make the best from our creativity, professionalism and high ethics.

The idea of dental tourism came to us when we visited Dental Med clinic in Bucharest. We were impressed about the care they showed us, about the experienced doctors and friendly personnel. We had the chance to meet dr. Dragos Popescu- Dental Med General Manager, and ms. Mariana Velisarato- Dental Med Executive Director. We could see that Dental Med has state of the art equipment and facilities, with highly trained and experienced staff. The look of the clinic was a perfect match of functionality and design. Everything was showing their great care for the clients, and in no time we felt safe and comfortable. We felt that the Dutch clients should benefit from such services.

While waiting to start the treatment, we had the chance to read some travel magazines. One of them was a photo-rich edition of Romanian tourism. We saw with great pleasure some of the places we visited recently: Danube Delta, ski resort Poiana Brasov, Bran Castle where the legend of Dracula started.

What a blessing for eyes and soul: fresh air in the mountains, wild places for walking and biking, charming cities and historical buildings. And most of all, meeting the Romanians, as we are such friendly and welcoming people!

Few weeks later, starting a dental tourism business was more than an idea. We made a new appointment with dr. Dragos Popescu and ms. Mariana Velisarato to present them our project. They were very enthousiastic about it and we decided to start promoting both Dental Med top clinic and Romanian tourism.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Bucharest!