We understand the anxiety associated with each visit to the dentist and that is why we are offering you a first worry-free and non- binding consultation.
During this first visit you will get to know your doctor, a friendly and nice person, and the modern equipment of the cabinet which allows us to stand by our promise to offer you a dental treatment of the highest quality. You will be presented a few treatment options, together with explanations, as well as the costs associated with prospective interventions.

At DentalMed, the team is treating regularly patients that require difficult restorative dental work. For that reason it is very important to have at the initial consultation all dental experts that will be involved in your treatment. The goal is to provide you with an accurate, professional and realistic treatment plan and to ensure the best results will be achieved (from a clinical, functional and aesthetic point of view). You will be able to discuss with our experts and to get all necessary clarifications.

The patients will have access to state-of-the-art diagnostic tools such as digital X-rays, CAT scans, that will provide essential details for all treatments (placing of dental implants included). Our modern equipment, the specialists to operate it and to evaluate the results are under one roof in DentalMed clinic in Bucharest.


What happens during a DentalMed consultation:

  • ¬†You are examined by a cosmetic dentist, and if necessary, an oral surgeon, a periodontist, an endodontist
  • OPG x-rays, digital x-rays and if necessary, a Cat Scan is taken
  • The dental team collaborate and may re-examine you
  • You are provided with an accurate treatment plan
  • Consultation costs are in our “Prices” section