To enter dental school a student needs to be a high school graduate and pass an entry examination. Dental schools were known as Faculties of Stomatology, as a part of a University of Medicine and Pharmacy. Undergraduate training  is to 5 years, in line with EU requirements. Primary dental qualification is with the title: “Physician stomatologist”

Diplomas from other EU countries are recognized without the need for any vocational training.

Registration: The Romanian Collegiums of Dental Physicians registers all Dental Physicians and all specialists. Continuing education is compulsory for all dentists; Every physician and dentist must undergo 200 hours of continuing education in every 5 year period, if they do not achieve this the RCDP has the legal obligation to end the right of the dentist to practice.

The specialist training is undertaken in the Dental Faculties and the Board of the Faculties monitors and are responsible for the quality assurance of the training. There is training in 3 specialties:

–           Orthodontics: 3 years training,

–           Oral-maxillofacial surgery: 5 years training,

–           Dento-alveolar surgery: 3 years training.

Any dentist can undertake specialist training, but the Ministry of Health limits the number of specialists.

From the former system, Romania has an inheritance of two professional degrees: “specialist physicians” and “primary physicians”, obtained after a period of home training followed by a final examination. These two professional degrees were held by a large number of generations of dentists. The first of these “specialist physicians” is at the origin of the “general stomatology” specialization. The second one is a matter of  higher fees in the NSHIH system.

Professional associations The Romanian Collegiums of Dental Physicians (RCDP) oversees and administers ethical issues. Since 2004 it has been a legally based, non-governmental organisation and serves the whole of Romania at national level. In each of 40 counties and in the capital, a regional body exists, which administrates ethical issues. It is compulsory that all dental physicians in Romania – from hospitals, general dentistry, schools, army, etc. are members of the RCDP. The Romanian Dental Association of Private Practitioners (RDAPP, established in 1990) represents and defends the liberal dental profession. The RDAPP obtained from the Ministry of Justice, the quality mark of a “national representative association legally certified”, which is very important for negotiation with the NSHIH.