Patients today often dread dental clinic visits. One of the main reasons is the fear of endless meetings and the waiting time. Wishing to overcome this obstacle, DMD Dragos Popescu,  implantology and periodontal surgery specialist, general manager of the DentalMed clinic in Bucharest, has successfully implemented a concept developed in the United States, namely “one stage surgery”.

poza chirurgie pentru articol

The steps preceding this operation are essential – radiological evaluation of dental-alveolar status of the patient by means of panoramic RX-type investigations and computed tomography (CT), supplemented by clinical examination of the patient. A Treatment Plan is then developed based on the above data. Once the phases of treatment are established, surgery procedures applied according to the “one stage surgery” concept usually open the restorative treatment suite. The medical team consists of four specialists in maxillofacial surgery, implantology, periodontology and aesthetic dentistry. This team rehabilitates the entire oral cavity in one surgery. The treatment session can take from one to four hours, depending on the case complexity. Throughout the surgery, the patient is under the effect of intravenous sedation (i.v. sedation) which provides extra comfort during surgery; the anaesthesiologist constantly monitors the patient throughout the treatment session.

By this means we are successfully performing extreme operations such as insertions of dental implants, periodontal surgery, bone additions and self-transplants, sinus lift surgery and extractions – all in one surgical session. Most of patients find it hard to believe that the most important step of their oral rehabilitation ended without pain, in a meeting that lasted just a few hours, without hospitalization, and that they can resume their professional and social activities the following day. Therefore, months of treatment are reduced to a single procedure, in this revolutionary concept called “one stage surgery”. Patient stress is reduced to a minimum, and the results are remarkable.