DentalMed Vision

“The details make up the whole.”

We wish to break down the prejudices regarding Eastern Europe and prove that the true professionalism doesn’t have any borders, by developing a cutting-edge dental clinic (from technology, logistics and organization point of view).

By means of true care, warmth and professionalism of our doctors, as well as by modern ambiance, architecture and unique design of our clinic, we create a state of relaxation and well-being for our patients.

The manifested goal of DentalMed is to provide a premium, state-of-the-art investigation, treatment and patient monitoring medical system.

We believe that, by continuous innovation, we succeed to grow and permanently refine our services, aiming to be the best on the market, each and every time.

How does the clinic work ?

« One may be good or very good in one or several fields, but it’s difficult to be the best in everything». We work with top specialists from our country and other countries, as well.

That’s why every patient is taken over by a medical team consisting of various specialists (prosthetics, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, implants, cosmetics and so on). This way, we are able to take the best decisions and come up with a customized treatment plan, based on the principle that 4 eyes see better than 2. We firmly believe that, just as medicine has hepathologists, cardiologists etc, modern day dental care should also have hyper-specialist doctors. Only this way we will be able to put the patient’s interest first. During the treatment, a medical director supervises the evolution of the patient, phase by phase, and intervenes (if necessary), for interdisciplinary correlation reasons.

We wish to push the upper limit of complex and difficult interventions.

Who is DentalMed today ?

DentalMed is the dental clinic with the highest turnover growth per unit during the last 2 years, if we take into consideration that the general numbers grew with 85% in 2010, compared to 2009.

Where do we see ourselves tomorrow ?

In 2011 DentalMed extended, on the same location, from 200 sqm to 700 sqm, with 10 more units, a surgery room, conference rooms for seminars, live surgery facilities – all of these, by an investment of 1,5 million EUR. Thus, not only we’ll improve the quality of our medical services, but we’ll also create an educational centre. We will extend the concept of bringing in the best doctors, regardless of their country, by means of punctual specialty collaborations. This way, we hope to break down the barriers of the dental care limitations, and raise the medical act to the level of an art.