DentalMed- excellent care, unique facility, best prices in Europe

                Bucharest- great attractions

                               Romania outodoor-  pure nature, panoramic views, wild areas


At Dental Med the visitors will benefit from excellent care and can take advantage of at a much lower price than in the Netherlands, and it is only a short plane ride away – from Amsterdam to Bucharest journey time is two and a half hours.

Dental Med has state of the art equipment and facilities, with highly trained and experienced staff that are using superior materials. All doctors have the expertise of several years in caring and treating European clients, they can communicate easily in English. Whenever needed we can facilitate the communication for you in the Dutch language.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments, as implants and crowns, are substantially cheaper than the ones in the Netherlands or in Belgium. The cost of a dental treatment can be sometimes with 70% cheaper compared to Holland.

Romania offers an ideal environment to rest and recover from your treatment; there are countless options for a luxury city break instead, with high quality hotels set close to a range of historic and cultural attractions.

Bucharest, the capital, is attracting tourists for its architecture- historical, communist and modern. Bucharest is called the „Little Paris” for its historical buildings and palaces, while the Old Town attracts the tourists with its chique restaurants or vivant pubs and taverns.

Outside Bucharest you can enjoy fresh air, panoramic views in the Carpathian Mountains, wild areas as the Danube Delta, untouched nature with forests and crystal clear lakes. Did you know that in Romania the wolves can be seen in national parks?

More and more Europeans combine a visit to a dental practice with a holiday to Romania. If you will decide to visit us, we will be happy to welcome and to guide you.